Tuesday, March 10, 2015

PRP enhances healing after Achilles Tendon Rupture

PRP being added to an Achilles Tendon Repair
If you rupture your Achilles tendon, new data suggests platelet rich plasma can enhance the healing.  In an abstract published by the journal Lancet, researchers from England discussed how they treated patients who had ruptured their Achilles with either PRP or a placebo.  Six weeks later, they biopsied the healing tendons under ultrasonic guidance.  In the study, they found improved cell content, better tendon fiber structure and more normal collagen (type 1) in the tendons treated with PRP.  The study included 20 patients (10 PRP, 10 Control) and is the first investigation in humans showing the significant value of using PRP to help treat Achilles tendon ruptures.  Of course, more data will be needed to confirm these important findings.  For years, I have been adding PRP to my achilles tendon repairs and if I ever rupture my own, I will certainly request that PRP is included in the treatment protocol.


Unknown said...

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Stefanie Magnant said...

So much potential in Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy! Not only to aid in treating existing medical conditions, but as a study form for developing other treatments. With so many contradictory articles being published lately, its nice to see one demonstrating the benefits of PRP. But hopefully you never rupture your Achilles Tendon (you may have jinxed yourself)!

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