Thursday, December 22, 2011

ABC Evening News Platelet Rich Plasma

ABC broadcasts story about how platelet rich plasma is being used to treat tennis elbow tonight on the evening news.  Randomized, controlled trials now support the use of platelet rich plasma for chronic tennis elbow when compared to the standard care of a cortisone shot.  Someday PRP may completely replace cortisone.  For more PRP information, visit:

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Kobe Bryant Platelet Rich Plasma

Kobe Bryant returns to play with LA Lakers after being treated with platelet rich plasma derivative. See video. 

More PRP information

Chicago Bear is treated with Platelet Rich Plasma

Chicago Bear Matt Forte has platelet rich injection for knee ligament injury.  

Medicare Database

Medicare to allow use of its database to rate Doctors, Hospitals and other Health Care Providers.  This will lead to mobile apps to figure out what doctors and hospitals perform the most operations and what their success and failure rates are by procedure.  It will also have unintended consequences.  

Some thoughts on the Future of Medicine

Genome data interpretation will emerge as its own medical specialty much like radiology for evaluation of xrays, CTs & MRIs.  It will take some time but the complexity of the information will eventually lead to a board certified specialist that helps primary care doctors understand genetic tests.  

Transformative solutions more often arise via iconoclastic horizons not via the cognoscenti.  Translation:  Truly significant advances do not arise from established ideas and people.   They destroy established ideas and patterns of behavior.  

"Citizen Scientists" and "Health Hackers" Conducting trials, analyzing data and presenting papers.   How can we all help in the advancement of science:

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