Friday, March 27, 2009

Platelet Rich Plasma for Muscle Injuries

This study supports the use of PRP for acute muscle injuries. PRP treated animals recovered faster and the authors suggest PRP may stimulate myogenesis. A prospective, randomized trial of PRP for acute severe strains is warranted.

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Use of Autologous Platelet-rich Plasma to Treat Muscle Strain Injuries.

American Journal of Sports Medicine

BACKGROUND: Standard nonoperative therapy for acute muscle strains usually involves short-term rest, ice, and nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory medications, but there is no clear consensus on how to accelerate recovery. HYPOTHESIS: Local delivery of platelet-rich plasma to injured muscles hastens recovery of function. STUDY DESIGN: Controlled laboratory study. METHODS: In vivo, the tibialis anterior muscles of anesthetized Sprague-Dawley rats were injured by a single (large strain) lengthening contraction or multiple (small strain) lengthening contractions, both of which resulted in a significant injury. The tibialis anterior either was injected with platelet-rich plasma, was injected with platelet-poor plasma as a sham treatment, or received no treatment. RESULTS: Both injury protocols yielded a similar loss of force. The platelet-rich plasma only had a beneficial effect at 1 time point after the single contraction injury protocol. However, platelet-rich plasma had a beneficial effect at 2 time points after the multiple contraction injury protocol and resulted in a faster recovery time to full contractile function. The sham injections had no effect compared with no treatment. CONCLUSION: Local delivery of platelet-rich plasma can shorten recovery time after a muscle strain injury in a small-animal model. Recovery of muscle from the high-repetition protocol has already been shown to require myogenesis, whereas recovery from a single strain does not. This difference in mechanism of recovery may explain why platelet-rich plasma was more effective in the high-repetition protocol, because platelet-rich plasma is rich in growth factors that can stimulate myogenesis. CLINICAL RELEVANCE: Because autologous blood products are safe, platelet-rich plasma may be a useful product in clinical treatment of muscle injuries.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

"Tennis" Article

An article about the use of Platelet Rich Plasma for chronic tendonitis was just published on

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