Sunday, August 21, 2011

Platelet Rich Plasma Paper compares Biomet GPS vs Arthrex ACP

Bloodcure has long stated that platelet rich plasma composition matters.  A new study just published by Dr. Lisa Fortier's group at Cornell compares two of the most popular PRP systems:  Biomet and Arthrex.  It is clear these two PRP systems have significantly different bioactivity.  

"PRP-1 (Arthrex) system consisted of concentrated platelets (1.99×) and diminished leukocytes (0.13×) compared with blood, while PRP-2 (Biomet GPS) contained concentrated platelets (4.69×) and leukocytes (4.26×) compared with blood. Growth factors were significantly increased in PRP-2 (Biomet) compared with PRP-1 (Arthrex) (TGF-β1: PRP-2 = 89 ng/mL, PRP-1 = 20 ng/mL, P < .05; PDGF-AB: PRP-2 = 22 ng/mL, PRP-1 = 6.4 ng/mL, P < .05). The PRP-1 (Arthrex) system did not have a higher concentration of PDGF-AB compared with whole blood. Catabolic cytokines were significantly increased in PRP-2 (Biomet) compared with PRP-1 (MMP-9: PRP-2 = 222 ng/mL, PRP-1 = 40 ng/mL, P < .05; IL-1β: PRP-2 = 3.67 pg/mL, PRP-1 = 0.31 pg/mL, P < .05)."  
See Full Abstract

This important work helps to highlight that different types of PRP exist and should be recognized by patients, clinicians and researchers.  A PRP classification system also has been published based cellular composition.  See Classification System


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