Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Platelet Rich Plasma beats Surgery for Tennis Elbow

Treatment of tennis elbow using platelet rich plasma (PRP) resulted in an average of 83% improvement in pain scores at one year compared to baseline in a recently published study of 110 patients by Karaduman et al.  The surgery group had 46% improvement in pain scores.   Mayo elbow scores were also higher in the PRP group.  (See graphs below)  

The study used the Biomet GPS PRP device and the Nirschl surgical technique

This is an interesting study comparing the value of PRP versus a commonly recommended surgical procedure.  The data suggest PRP is a safe and effective alternative to the much more invasive and expensive surgical procedure.

See abstract and reference below:

Karaduman et el 2016



To compare short and mid-term results in the treatment of chronic elbow tendinosis with platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or Nirschl surgical technique.


A retrospective study was conducted on patients with chronic lateral epicondylitis, treated by Nirschl surgical technique (50 elbows) or PRP (60 elbows). Outcome was evaluated with Visual Analog Score (VAS), Mayo Elbow Scores and grip strength measurements.


VAS and Mayo Elbow Scores of the PRP group had improved as a mean of 83% (p = 0.0001), 74% (p = 0.0001) over baseline and 34.2 pounds gain of grip strength.


The PRP seems to be better for pain relief and functionality in the short and mid-term periods.


  • Nirschl surgical technique
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  • Chronic elbow tendinosis

Sunday, January 03, 2016

Biologic Orthopedic Society passes 5000 Member Mark

The Biologic Orthopedic Society (BOS) recently passed the 5000 member mark.  (Link to join)

The society was started in 2012 with the simple goal of connecting what I thought would be 200-300 people interested in biologic orthopedics.  The group has dramatically exceeded those expectations. We now have members from six continents spanning many different orthopedic, musculoskeletal and business disciplines.  As 2016 unfolds, the BOS will hopefully continue to grow and help advance this rapidly expanding field.

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