Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Level One Two Year Follow Up Paper Supports Use of Platelet Rich Plasma for Tennis Elbow

Dr. Taco Gosens and his team from the Netherlands have just published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine the best paper to date on the use of platelet rich plasma for tennis elbow.  Using the Biomet GPS device to create platelet rich plasma (Type 1A PRP in Mishra's classification system of PRP), they found PRP patients were successfully treated more often than patients treated with corticosteroid injections at two year follow up.  This was highly statistically significant at a p value of < 0.0001. 
Read the entire abstract here.

This paper confirms that a specific type of PRP is better than the often used cortisone injection for chronic lateral epicondylar tendinopathy.  This team of researchers also needs to be congratulated on finishing this important work. 

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