Sunday, September 22, 2019

Consider Sleep a SuperPower Part 2

What do Tom Brady and Roger Federer have in common?  They are both superstar athletes that continue to win even as they enter middle age.  They are also bingeing on a legal performance enhancing drug called sleep.  Too often we ignore the value of sleep.  Don't participate in the stress olympics and brag about how little sleep you get each night.  Prioritize sleep.  You will be rewarded with improved physical, mental, social and spiritual wellness.  You will enjoy more vitality.  So, start today and consider sleep a superpower.


Sunday, September 15, 2019

Sleep is a Superpower #DareToBeVital

Sleep is fundamental to our Vitality.  The video above challenges you to Consider Sleep a Superpower.  You can do this by making it a primary priority.  Exercising can help burn off energy and help you sleep.  Also, optimize your sleep environment by making it dark, cool,and quiet.  Learn more at: DareToBeVital

Saturday, September 14, 2019 is a movement started by Dr. Allan Mishra.  Check out the site to learn more about how to enhance your vitality.  Dr. Mishra teaches a popular course at Stanford on the topic and has lectured at Google, Stanford's Graduate School of Business (GSB), the University of Michigan and in front of Navy SEALs.  See videos about how to Pinpoint Your Purpose and Consider Sleep a Superpower.  What do you do to enhance your vitality?  Please post below. 
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