Wednesday, October 19, 2011

7 Billion People on Earth Very Soon

7 Billion people on Earth soon. We need more efficient ways of discovering and developing transformative therapies.

Elite Athletes continue to Embrace Platelet Rich Plasma

Ryan Howard (Phillies first baseman) has Achilles Tendon Repaired and then augmented with Platelet Rich Plasma.  It is clear that elite athletes are still embracing PRP.  

Total Tendon

Medical Innovation and Design

"Focus on Patients, rather than on Dubious Animal Models" How Human Center Design can improve HealthCare.  Using the idea to cell culture to animal model to human trials paradigm of new treatments is broken.  We need simpler pathways that are still safe and cut costs while improving patient outcomes.  Can proactive design methods help?

Platelet rich plasma is following a different accelerated pathway.  We are still searching for a mechanism of action but it has already helped thousands of patients.


Steve Jobs World's Top Innovator

Who will replace Steve Jobs as the world's top innovator? Searching for "productive narcissists."  Another question:  Is it possible to be great and also good?
 WSJ Reports.

Risk and Innovation

Novel transformative solutions require risk. We need to increase the incentives to take such risk.  Using platelet rich plasma for sports related injuries a decade ago was crazy.  Now it is commonplace and backed up with level one data for chronic problems such as tennis elbow.  

How can we encourage providers and payers to take more risks to help patients?

Total Tendon
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