Monday, February 14, 2011

Platelet Rich Plasma Forum at AAOS

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgery and AAOS Now will be conducting a Platelet Rich Plasma Forum on February 14, 2011 just prior to the Annual Meeting in San Diego.  Participating in this meeting are an elite group of clinicians and researchers including but not limited to Dr. James Andrews, Dr. Steven Arnoczky, Dr. Terry Canale, Dr. William Clancy, Dr. Freddie Fu, Dr. Taco Gosens, Dr. Elizaveta Kon, Dr. Nicola Maffulli, Dr. Robert Marx, Dr. Allan Mishra, Dr. Pietro Randelli, Dr. Scott Rodeo, and Dr. JR Woodall.

This group along with several others has been tasked with evaluating the state of platelet rich plasma.  It will be the most comprehensive discussion of the topic with regard to orthopedics and sports medicine.  The goal is to hopefully make some sense of how to best evaluate and potentially use PRP.

Stay tuned for details.


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