Saturday, July 03, 2010

Orthopedics Today PRP Discussion

Orthopedics Today recently published a discussion about platelet rich plasma.  Dr. Allan Mishra, Dr. Steven Arnoczky, Dr. Freddie Fu and Dr. Nicolas Sgaglione commented about the state of PRP. 

“The lay press does not understand the complexity of PRP,” Allan Mishra, MD, said. “As more data emerge, it will become clear to both physicians and surgeons that the specific formulation of PRP matters significantly in terms of bioactivity.” 

“The thing I would emphasize is that we have got to get a better understanding of the formulations in order to figure out whether PRP is valuable or not,” he added. “What is missing in the lay press – but also in the medical literature – is the discussion of what PRP is.”
Mishra pointed out that a formulation of PRP containing only concentrated platelets differs greatly from a formulation composed of concentrated platelets and white blood cells. 

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