Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Platelet Rich Plasma and Cartilage Restoration

Platelet rich plasma was debated in a scientific session at the International Cartilage Research Society Meeting in Miami Florida this week. Dr. Allan Mishra, Dr. Vannini, Dr. Randelli and Dr. Johnson all spoke about PRP. It was moderated by Dr. Alberto Gobbi.

The discussion after these presentations centered around what type of PRP to use for what indications. It is clear that we need better data. The best published clinical data for tendon related injuries and disorders right now supports the use of PRP that is concentrated to 4-5x baseline platelets with an increased concentration of WBCs. See PRP Reference List.

Most studies so far have NOT been well controlled. However, Dr. Randelli (from Milan, Italy) presented the preliminary results of his prospective randomized controlled trial showing how PRP at a concentration of 4-5x baseline with increased WBCs DECREASES pain after arthroscopic rotator cuff repair and may improve healing in small and medium sized tears. Excellent work.

Several papers, posters and presentations at the meeting supported the use of PRP for cartilage restoration. Level one human data (randomized controlled trials), does not yet exist.

More soon.



Anonymous said...

Is there any more information you can give me about PRP and arthritis in the knee?

Clive said...

Stem cells comes with new and very innovative medical treatment of Osteoarthritis Knee. The need is to more develop these type of medical developments.

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