Sunday, January 07, 2007

Platelet Rich Plasma and Meniscus Surgery

Here is the answer to another question about concerning PRP.

There is no data on the use of PRP for meniscus surgery so far. Many years ago, isolated meniscus repair was routinely enhanced using a fibrin clot which is similar to PRP. Again, this type of application makes sense but there isn't any solid information concerning its use in this area yet.

Adding PRP to meniscus repairs is best discussed on an individual basis with your surgeon.



Anonymous said...

Tissue Eng. 2007 May;13(5):1103-12.
The regenerative effects of platelet-rich plasma on meniscal cells in vitro and its in vivo application with biodegradable gelatin hydrogel.

From the abstract (a study on rabbit meniscus repair: "Histological scoring of the defect sites at 12 weeks revealed significantly better meniscal repair in animals that received PRP with GH than in the other two groups. These findings suggest that PRP enhances the healing of meniscal defects."

mahamoud mgabal said...

a new form of "Platelet Rich Plasma is created by absorption of its water content and then introduced in the site of meniscus tear after its suturing by endoscope but pure injection directed by imaging is only tried on the outer ligament attachment
we try to introduce this technique diffusely in the intra-articular and into the ligaments suport of the knee joint at one siting but the pain with injection and the thick plasma are the obstacles in this technique
no i suggest proximal nerve block to the knee and converting the plasma into foam to save its concentration and reduce its resistance on injection and increase its spread at all joint compartments i well upload this technique on youtube

Mahamoud M Gabal , radiologist

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