Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Steroids and Tennis Elbow and Racquet Grip Size

Researchers find that patients treated with steroids do report decreased symptoms initially. However, in most of the patients, their symptoms recur.

"Leanne Bisset, a PhD candidate, and colleagues found that corticosteroid injections provided significantly better results at 6 weeks, but showed subsequently higher recurrence rates (47 of 65 successes regressed) and poorer outcomes in the long term compared with physiotherapy."

From Ortho SuperSite. Click here to read the full article including more details about Platelet Rich Plasma and racquet grip size.

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Billy said...

Any truth to the rumor that men and women tennis players today are taking homeopathic hgh oral spray because it's safe, undetectable, and legal for over the counter sales? As time goes on it seems it might be considered as benign a performance enhancer as coffee, aspirin, red bull, and bubble gum.

Anonymous said...

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