Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lindsay Vonn Olympics, Leg Injury and Platelet Rich Plasma


Olympian Lindsay Vonn apparently has a deep bruise to the muscle on her leg.  No one knows the details of the injury or how it is being treated but it sounds like it may be a good application for platelet rich plasma.  There is NO data suggesting PRP would help her other than accelerating her healing and obviously she has little or no time left before competition.
Does anyone out there have any comments on it would be a good idea to treat her with PRP?


st said...

It makes sense to try treating her with PRP given that she has limited time before competing. Possible weather delay would also benefit her. Question I have is whether for the first 1 week post treatment when the inflammatory component of the treatment is quite significant and painful, would this pain inhibit her at all during competition. Of course as a professional athlete her pain tolerance differs from the general public, so increased pain might not be a big deal.

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Mark Baldwin said...

It has become a recurring theme for top pro athletes to use PRP among other therapies designed to expedite recovery. Because PRP has virtually no side effects, there is only upside to its inclusion when a speedy return is required. Pro athletes and their organizations' livelihood depends on recovery. When cost is no issue and since PRP does no further damage, it should be included with other simultaneous treatments in such cases. This has been recently illustrated with US Olympic Skier Daron Rahlves' recovery plan following hip dislocation.

The downside to the inclusion of PRP for Docs and researchers is the lack of specific clinical evidence supporting to what extent athletes' recovery was aided by PRP.

~Mark Baldwin
Pro Golfer

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poker affiliate said...

Lindsay has had to deal with many obstacles, and it was great to see her triumph despite her lingering injuries

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