Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Platelet Rich Plasma for Rotator Cuff Tears

The use of PRP in shoulder is just beginning to emerge. Dr. Mishra published positive results in patients with chronic elbow tendonitis (AJSM 2006). The shoulder, however, is much more complex than the elbow. Multiple problems can accompany rotator cuff tendonitis including instability, AC arthritis (the joint between the shoulder and collar bone) and even overlapping pinch nerves in the neck from a disc herniation.

So, determining the value of PRP in shoulders will take more time. Basic science and cell cultures do support its use. Several investigators are evaluating it in patients. We look forward to prospective controlled trials to help us determine value.



Chris said...

I would really like to be part of the trials using PRP in shoulders.
Please someone get back to me.

BG said...

Who and where are the investigators using PRP injections to treat rotator cuffs?

Chris said...

I agree with bg. Who and where are the investigators using PRP injections to treat rotator cuffs?
I would like to contact them.

gmen308 said...

I have a partial thickness rotator cuff tear and am also interested in who is doing the investigational studies and how I may contact them.

eloflin said...

Like to know if it is being experimented with ANYWHERE IN THE US!!!

Anonymous said...

Had 2 tendons repaired in my rotator cuff dec '08 and since I still have pain and weakness after long rehab, I would like to know how to contact an md who can advise me whether PRP is for me.

rschultz said...

In Colorado their is a rehab unit doing enriched blood plasma and stem cell transplants which is the state of the art for tissue reknewal, google it. R Schultz.

rschultz said...


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