Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dry Needling vs Platelet Rich Plasma

Dry needling involves simply poking a needle several times into or around a tendon. There is some value to this technique that is supported by literature. The results may be due to bleeding that is caused by the needling. Platelet rich plasma injections are similar to the needling technique but also deliver a concentrated amount of growth factors. In Dr. Mishra's pilot study (AJSM Nov. 2006), PRP proved better than needling for chronic elbow tendinosis. More and larger studies are needed to confirm these results. The exact components of PRP must also be better evaluated. Studies to do just that are on-going. Watch this blog for updates.

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bubble41 said...

Dr. Mishra poked the elbow only once with dry needling as a control and that is different from the general practice of dry needling which pokes the affected area multiple times and at multiple sessions.

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