Sunday, October 12, 2014

Proposition 46 Jeopardizes California Medical Excellence

California offers its citizens excellent health care.  It has over 100,000 hard working physicians dedicated to taking superior care of their patients in conjunction with well-trained nurses, medical assistants, technicians and support personnel. (Ref)  According to US News and World Report, 17 of California's hospitals are nationally ranked in specialities such as oncology, cardiology and orthopedic surgery.  Fifty-six other hospitals meet standards for strong performance within the state. (Ref

Proposition 46 is a direct threat to our superior California healthcare.   It would undermine a physician’s ability to best care for patients and result in dramatically higher costs—$9.9 billion annually according to one study (Ref)   Doctors already concerned about malpractice would face increased pressure to practice defensive medicine.  If this measure passes it will also be difficult to recruit and retain specialists who are in high risk specialties including OB/GYN, trauma surgery and neurosurgery. 

Proposition 46 further creates a disincentive for physicians to implement novel solutions to challenging diseases.   Medical innovation is needed to attack arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and the emerging Ebola epidemic.  If Proposition 46 passes, physicians will be less inclined to pursue new transformative solutions for fear of being sued and medical innovation will stall.  Instead of California physicians and hospitals being recognized as worldwide leaders in medicine, we may no longer be able to offer patients cutting-edge care within our state.   

Unfortunately, many Californians are unaware of the significant issues that will arise if Proposition 46 passes.  Over the past several months, I have had discussions with dozens of people about 46 and have been surprised at how little they know about this onerous proposition.  Their lack of awareness is frustrating because the trial lawyers completely understand the implications of the proposition they drafted.  As we approach the upcoming election, I strongly urge California residents to read and analyze proposition 46.    Prop 46 Info

One concern imbedded in the proposition that should be addressed is the need to curtail multiple prescriptions from being written and filled by deceptive patients.  The solution to this problem is not to pass the three-headed monster known as Proposition 46.  The better answer is to improve tracking technologies such as CURES that eliminate duplicate prescriptions from being ordered or filled at a pharmacy and at the same time increase the criminal penalties for patients that fraudulently try to  
obtain multiple narcotic prescriptions.

If you wish for California to maintain its worldwide leadership in the delivery of outstanding medical care, I urge you to Vote NO on Proposition 46.

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