Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Concussions and the Michigan Football Program

Was he briefly knocked out?

It is appalling what happened on the Michigan football field last weekend.  A young man, quarterback Shane Morris, already suffering from an ankle injury, gets absolutely rocked by a blitzing defender.  The video shows how Morris's head snaps back and he falls to the ground like a rag doll.
(Detroit Free Press Article with videos)

It is absurd to excuse anyone on the Michigan sidelines for not knowing that Shane Morris may have had a concussion on that play because a major roughing the passer penalty was called.  He was also clearly staggering.  I am a double Michigan alumni (BS, MD) and love the school and its athletics.  I have also been on the sidelines of many high school, collegiate and professional football games as one of the team physicians.  The reason the physicians are there is to watch the game and scan the players for any real or potential injuries during or after each play.  It is difficult to understand why a serious roughing the passer penalty was not a clear indication for Morris to be evaluated especially before reinserting him into the game.

It is equally amazing that Hoke did not know about the potential extent of the injury the day after the game.  He may be incompetent as a coach given Michigan's record over the last few years but he is clearly dangerous when it comes to executing his responsibilities to protect his players.

What is even more telling than the even the video are still shots from the video.  

Initial Hit

Head Snaps Back

Clearly he sustained some head trauma

At the very least, Michigan needs better injury procedures in place and a coach that isn't frankly dangerous to his players' short and long term health.

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