Sunday, January 04, 2015

Improve how your DNA works by Riding an Exercise Bike

The Epigenetics of Exercise

You can’t change your DNA but you can change how it works. DNA is the coding program for all of the enzymes and proteins that make your body function. 

Epigenetics is a rapidly evolving area of science that studies how modifications on or around your DNA alter the production of specific molecules. Your DNA is fixed but how it works is affected by the proteins and chemical groups that surround the famous double helix.  You can think of epigenetics as variable signposts on the winding tracks of your DNA that either suppress or promote specific genes.  The proteins and chemical groups have fancy names like a “histone” or a “methyl group”.  These "epigenetic" markers don’t change your DNA but rather change how it interprets the underlying genetic code.  They can turn on or off a section of DNA and dramatically affect YOU.  The science is called “Epigenetics” and in 2015 and beyond, it will alter the way we all approach medicine and wellness.  Multiple articles about epigenetics have appeared in Time Magazine, the New York Times and many other elite publications.

Exercise is one way you can change how your DNA expresses itself via epigenetics in a positive fashion.  A recently published study required people to ride an exercise bike with one leg for 45 minutes four times per week for three months.  Before and after the exercise trial, the subjects had a muscle biopsy of both legs.  The researchers found "health enhancing adaptations" were induced by the "physiologic stimulus" of riding an exercise bike via epigenetic mechanisms in the leg that did the pedaling but not in the one that did nothing.  (Ref: Lindholm et al 2014)  The results are meaningful for anyone who wants to stay in shape and be active.  Importantly, the inherited proportion of physical performance has been shown to be about 50%. Therefore, about 50% of overall physical performance is dependent upon training and lifestyle.  (Ref:  Ehlert etal 2013)  This means that we are at least partially in control of how our bodies work and perform.  We can't blame all of our health problems on bad genes.  

Exercise has also been found to have positive effects on the central nervous system, the  cardiovascular system, the aging process, the prevention of type 2 diabetes and the prevention of cancer all via epigenetic mechanisms.  (Ref:  Ntanasis-Stathopoulos et al, 2013)

So, dust off the exercise bike in the garage, make time in your schedule to get to the gym, or join Soul-Cycle in 2015.

Specific immediate action items:  Consider starting your exercise routine with QuadCrunches and Hamstring Stretches.  They are simple exercises that can be done anywhere.  For the bike, try 20-30 minutes 3 times per week with moderate resistance.

Remember, exercise can literally change how your DNA functions and potentially save your life.


ALWAYS consult your own physicians before beginning any exercise program.


William Murrell said...

Love he article!!

Dr Ignacio Dallo said...

Excellent article! Epigenetics es very important concept to understand The adaptation of The human Body!

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