Sunday, July 20, 2014

QuadCrunch (TM) The Best Exercise for Your Knee

Quadriceps (Quad) muscle activation is crucial for both athletes and patients.  It is the foundation of any knee muscle development plan or rehabilitation protocol.  Too often neuromuscular activation is ignored or incompletely addressed.  

The QuadCrunch exercise is a simple and effective way to enhance muscle activation and to increase muscle tone.  If executed consistently, the entire quadriceps muscle and especially the VMO (Vastus Medialis Qbliqus) will be more functional.  

The QuadCrunch can be done alone or in combination with a variety of other leg stretches and exercises.  It can be done to simply improve knee strength or it can be used for patients with a variety of knee related problems such as arthritis, kneecap instability, tendonitis or after surgery.  

The video below outlines how and why the QuadCrunch can help both athletes and patients.

QuadCrunch Video
Try a set of 3, Hold for 5 Seconds Each, 5 Times per day

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Please do not start any exercise program without consulting your physician first.

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