Sunday, April 27, 2014

Best Initial Knee Stretch "The Hammy" (Knee OA, Part 3)

Your hamstring tendons start on your pelvis and insert behind and below your knee. In almost every person, these tendons tighten with time.  Stretching your hamstring tendons is one of the best exercises you can do for your knee and back.  One study found "individuals with and without osteoarthritis of the knee are able to demonstrate immediate beneficial adaptations to a stretching intervention."

I recommend do a set of 3 hamstrings stretches, 3 times PER DAY.  Stretching multiple times per day is better than stretching only once a day or not at all.  You may be surprised with your improved flexibility if you are consistent about stretching.  See the video below for a simple stretch that can done anywhere.  I call it the "Hammy Stretch".

Start by placing your leg on a step, or low table.  Keep your back straight and your toes pointed toward the ceiling.  Then, simply hinge forward at your waist.  You will likely feel the stretch in the back of your thigh, knee and calf.

Consistency is the key to improvement.  Try this simple exercise and it will help your overall knee health and improve your ability to straightening your knee.  Hamstring stretching is like sunscreen, it is best to start early and continue to stretch throughout your life.

As always, check with your own doctor before beginning any exercise program.

Next time, we reveal the simple yet highly effective way to strengthen all of the muscle of your legs.


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