Monday, May 06, 2013

Platelet Rich Plasma Update, JBJS Webinar

Worldwide interest in Platelet-Rich Plasma is increasing significantly.  471 new publications have appeared on PubMed about platelet-rich plasma in just the last year, making it quite challenging to keep up with the published literature.  There has also been a dramatic rise in Google "hits" for PRP to over 1.3 million.  (See the graphs below)   New data recently accepted for publication to the American Journal of Sports Medicine confirms the value of PRP in the treatment of chronic tennis elbow.  See American College of Surgeons Report on the paper.

Tonight the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery will be holding a webinar on the topic.  Over 1000 professionals have already signed up for the event.  This is totally unprecedented for a major, elite journal to sponsor a discussion on a single specific biologic orthopedic topic.  Follow Dr. Mishra:  @BloodCure for real time updates about tonight's webinar.

Or, consider joining the Biologic Orthopedic Society Group on LinkedIN to participate in a discussion about the webinar and other biologic orthopedic topics.

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