Sunday, October 03, 2010

Sports Illustrated Platelet Rich Plasma Article

Sports Illustrated recently published an article about platelet rich plasma.

"While Galea's use of PRP on Tiger Woods and other athletes has stirred debate, the technique is not particularly new. Allan Mishra, adjunct clinical assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at the Stanford University Medical Center and a pioneer of PRP therapy, has been using it for nearly a decade. In a breakthrough study last year based on work by Mishra, PRP therapy performed significantly better than cortisone -- and with fewer side effects since it makes use of the patient's own blood -- in the treatment of chronic lateral elbow tendinosis, aka tennis elbow. "I can say pretty definitively that PRP is a reasonable choice for tendon [injuries]," Mishra says. "Now it needs to be studied in other applications."

The breakthrough study was actually performed by Dr. Taco Gosens from the Netherlands.  He and his colleagues have published the best clinical data to date on the use of platelet rich plasma for tendinopathy.  
To read more of the SI article, click here

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