Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Platelet Rich Plasma at Elite Meetings

Platelet rich plasma is on the agenda for several elite meeting in the next month. The NFL team physician meeting, the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine and the International Cartilage Research Society all have PRP presentations. BloodCure will report on these meetings including the discussions. Post any questions you may have on this blog and we'll try to get the answers. This level of attention by these established academic conferences means PRP is close to becoming a mainstream treatment.

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Suad said...

Dear Dr Allan,

I am dr Suad Trebinjac, Physiatrist from Dubai, UAE. I am employed as the Head of PM&R Department in Rashid Hospital and as a part time physician in a football team.

I have been practicing Prolotherapy in the last 3 years and I am very much interested to start PRP treatment. I learned a lot from your Newsletters but there are some questions I would like to address:

1. What is the quantity of blood you are taking from the vein of patient and what is the quantity you injecting to the tendon ?

2 How frequently procedure has to be repeated to get optimal result ?

3. Which machine are you using to separate plasme and platelets from other blood ingredients ?

4. Where is the location of injection: attachment of tendon to the bone, or middle of tendon or some other location? Does it work with ligaments or only with tendon ?

5. Any research regarding to Achilles tendinosis (chronic) or supraspinatus tear ?

I would be very happy to get short training if possible in you clinic or in some other place in USA. My family leave in Cincinnati (Ohio) and it would be also very convenient for me to see some PRP expert in this city (if there is anyone)

Thank you very much Dr Allan and my sincere congretulation for your pioneering work.

Best regards

dr Suad

Paul Tortland, D.O. said...

Dr. Suad,

I have been doing PRP for 15 months, prolotherapy for 15 years.

I draw 60cc whole blood, and spin it down to 4-8 cc PRP, depending on what I'm injecting and what concentration of platelets I want.

Most tendons take 1-3 cc PRP. Hip & knee joints take 6-8 cc intra-articularly.

We inject every 8-12 weeks, and most patients needs from 1-3 treatments. There is no clear research dictating treatment frequency, however.

I have used both the Harvest and the Arteriocyte Magellan machines. Both produce PRP (as does the Biomet). I like the ease of use and flexibility of the Magellan.

Injection location depends on where the damage is - we use musculoskeletal ultrasound to evaluate.

PRP works with ligaments. We use it for acute MCL injuries.

Achilles Reference:
Sanchez M, et al. Comparison of Surgically Repaired Achilles Tendon Tears Using Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrices. Am. J. Sports Med. 2007; 35; 245

Paul Tortland, DO

auntieayne said...

please help me! I had the injection three weeks ago last Friday since then I have been keeping ice on my ankle. The swelling has not gone down I am becoming concerned because there is also some pain. My e-mail is

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