Saturday, May 31, 2008

Platelet Rich Plasma beats Cortisone

Gosens and Sluimer in a prospective, randomized controlled trial of 100 patients with tennis elbow found PRP beat cortisone in terms of improvement in pain and function at 24 weeks. This excellent study (Level 1 evidence) for the first time confirms platelet rich plasma performs better than the "gold standard" of treatment for patients with tennis elbow that don't respond to simple treatments.

Gosen and his colleagues will be hosting a "Trends in Tendinopathy" course next week in Europe. AM will be presenting and in this space, I will report the details of that important conference.

Total Tendon


Anonymous said...

thanks for changing the first Gosen to Gosens, but there is a second Gosen

Sincerely Taco Gosens

rosines said...

I have ligament laxity problems in my foot. It is affecting my ankle, knee, and hip. I want it fixed. Can /does PRP help ligament laxity or not? Isn't blood loose in your system damaging to tissues? I'm very hopefull this will work for me but not sure. Would I need to stay off of my foot for 6 weeks with one injection of PRP? I also have loose ligaments resulting in arthritic buildup and therefore perhaps impingememnt problems in my ac joint in my shoulder. Would PRP help the looseness? And how about SI joint pain (I think it's from being loose, not locked up giving my disposition to have ligament laxity)? What would be the course of treatment for these areas and the recommended activity or restriction thereof afterwards? Please respond. I'm getting desperate. I'm only 30 and am falling apart. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Rosines you sound just like me, I'm wondering if you tried anything. I describe myself as falling apart also, mine began even at a younger age than you. I seem to always have pain problems and injuries with joints and tendons and I've been told I'm loose jointed. I don't think prp is any quick miracle cure for us and I'm always contemplating trying it again in a couple spots, but it's too prohibitely expensive for most people to try it all over bec like you I have weak arches, high, but they flex so I have pf and my feet hurt all the time even with my orthotics holding my arch up, I have also should arthritis bursitis/impingement and also SIJ problem and hamstring. And even my fingers hurt. So I feel the same way, everything has been falling apart and so far nobody on here has any answers for us. I'm looking harder and harder at trying stem cells in my worst injury or injuries.

Anonymous said...


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