Thursday, November 08, 2007

Platelet Rich Plasma and Growth Hormone

Today the San Francisco Chronicle on the front page of its sports section published an article written by Gwen Knapp on growth hormone use in sports. Dr. Mishra in the article is quoted about the use of platelet rich plasma (PRP). Below is a portion of that article:

Article by Gwen Knapp: "Who’s to say that someday, not far in the future, growth hormone won’t be as common as cortisone? Or that right now, brilliant doctors aren’t chafing under FDA rules and sports world priggishness that prevent them from treating patients at what they believe to be optimal, and safe, levels?"

"I thought Allan Mishra, a surgeon at the Menlo Medical Clinic and an adjunct professor at Stanford, might be one of them. He is researching something called platelet-enriched plasma and its effect on damaged tendons. Platelets are the clotting element in blood, and Mishra said a high concentration of them near a wound appears to trick the body into sending growth factors, a healing agent, to the site."

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kevin said...


Is PRP treatment available today, or is it still at the clinical study stage only? If it is available, where - within Boston, MA - might I go to get this treatment?


Anonymous said...

Most athletes today are taking growth Hormone in homeopathic form because of its safety and gentleness. It's more like a performance tonic than anything else.

Anonymous said...

I'm not so much interested in enhancing performance as I am in healing the problem (tennis elbow) itself. Still looking for anyone offering this method of treatment (PRP) in or around the New England area.


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