Sunday, January 07, 2007

Platelet Rich Plasma and Degenerative Disc Disease

Recently, someone wrote in asking if PRP could help degenerative disc disease. Here is an answer to that question.

Presently, there are no specific human trials using PRP for degenerative disc disease. Theoretical and cell culture evidence does support its use. An article published in the esteemed journal Spine by Akeda et al stated:

"Platelet-rich plasma was effective in stimulating cell proliferation and extracellular matrix metabolism. The response to platelet-rich plasma was greater in the case of anulus fibrosus cells than of nucleus pulposus cells. The local administration of platelet-rich plasma might stimulate intervertebral disc repair. In addition, given the risks of using animal serum for tissue engineering, autologous blood may gain favor as a source of growth factors and serum supplements needed for stimulating cells to engineer intervertebral disc tissues."

Clearly, much more research is needed but the use of PRP for DDD does seem like a reasonable option that may one day be available.

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diana said...

It's important to keep up with the latest Degenerative Disc Disease information to be aware of your options and what you can do to ease the stress of living with the condition.

Unknown said...

Education is an incredibly important part of a patient's degenerative disc disease treatment. We have incorporated peer reviewed articles from some of the leading surgeons in the US so patients can make more informed treatment decisions. I would be interested in adding some Platelet Rich Plasma articles to our Degenerative Disc Disease Center

Anonymous said...

In Taiwan, one researcher applied Mevacor,Lovastatin in en vitro biopsy of a degenerative disc the nucleopulposis regenerated type 2 collagen it would be interesting to expound on research in combination with PRP to RE-generate intervertebral discs!

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