Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Biologic Orthopedics, Forbes, Sports Illustrated and ESPN

This week the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia has organized a meeting dedicated to exploring biologic orthopedics and sports medicine in a unique format.  The group has invited researchers and clinicians from around the world to participate with elite media representatives from Forbes, Sports Illustrated, and ESPN among others.  Dr. Noriyki Tsumaki from the the 2012 Nobel Prize winning CIRA Center in Kyoto Japan will also be lecturing.  Discussion about the FDA regulation and economics of biologic orthopedics will also occur.

Stem Cell and Biologics in Sports Medicine Summit

The meeting represents a special opportunity to bring together a unique group of individuals that are interested in how to best treat tendonitis, arthritis and other orthopedic conditions with stem cells, platelet rich plasma and other biologic therapies.  The moderators of the scientific panels will be editors from world renowned publications.  I expect to have spirited discussions about the state of the art in 2014 in addition to perhaps identifying novel pathways that lead to transformative treatments for professional, collegiate and weekend warrior athletes.

I will report my finding in this space and will tweet out real time information via:  @BloodCure


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