Friday, June 06, 2014

Biologic Orthopedic Conference in Las Vegas (TOBI)

Today in Las Vegas a group of elite clinicians and researchers from around the world have gathered in Las Vegas for the 5th annual TOBI biologic orthopedic conference.  Discussions about platelet rich plasma, stem cells and a variety of other approaches for difficult problems such as arthritis, tendonitis and degenerative disc disease of the back.

Specific data has been presented suggesting various formulations of PRP and stem cells have value in the treatment of knee arthritis.  Clinical trials ongoing.

I'll be speaking at the conference on Saturday morning and will continue to report breaking news from the conference over the next two days.  Follow me on Twitter for real time updates (@BloodCure)

Dr. Steve Sampson has done a great job organizing the event.  Congrats!


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