Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Losing Weight Helps Knee Arthritis Pain

Knee arthritis has no cure, but one treatment consistently decreases pain---Weight Loss.  It is not simple but it is effective.

What stops patients with knee arthritis from losing weight?
1.  No clear, simple program that produces weight loss and improves function.
2.  Lack of will power
3.  No consistency

Here are a few simple tips:
1.  Eat one less bite of everything. (The one-less diet)
2.  Drink less soda and alcohol
3.  Exercise

But you say, I can't exercise because my knees hurt.  I cannot count the number of times I have heard that one.  Instead of complaining.......
1.  Try stretching to start
2.  Try water aerobics
3.  Try an exercise bike (30 minutes 3x/week)

Hamstring Stretch

Set a goal of losing 3 pounds to start.  You knees may feel like you lost up to 15 pounds because of the joint forces that occur especially when you go up and down stairs.

Always check with your own doctor prior to initiating any program.

Send me any tips on weight loss and arthritis:  @bloodcure on twitter.


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