Saturday, May 01, 2010

LA Dodgers and Seattle Mariners using PRP to treat players

Seattle Mariner Cliff Lee pitched 7 innings yesterday of shut out baseball after receiving a platelet rich plasma injection for an abdominal strain.  The Safeco field crowd of 34,055 were treated to 93 mile per hour fast balls and eight strikeouts.  An impressive return to pitching. 

Did PRP help him in his return?  That is a good question to ask Mr. Lee.  Clearly, it didn't hurt him.  We need to follow his progress and better understand if PRP can treat abdominal strains and or sports hernia type injuries.

Los Angeles Dodger Rafael Furcal also has used PRP.  In his case, the platelet rich plasma was used to treat a hamstring injury.  We clearly need better data on whether PRP really helps these problems but for now it is clear that major league players and their doctors are using it.

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