Friday, May 08, 2009

Platelet Rich Plasma presented at the NFL Sports Meeting

Platelet rich plasma was discussed today at the NFL Sports Medicine meeting in San Francisco. It was presented in the "alternative" therapies session. No data or specific recommendations were outlined. It is clear we need to actually study the use of PRP in elite athletes before drawing any specific conclusions. It is also important for clinicians and patients to understand that not all PRP is the same. When studies are designed and evaluated, actual platelet counts and white blood cell counts should be included. Only then will we be able to truly define the value of the formulation of PRP derived from any specific machine.

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Dean said...

From your comments, do you have a target concentration or number of platelets/WBC you believe to be therapeutic? also, what systems should I consider based upon your experiences?

Anonymous said...

The presented and presented data supporting the use of platelet rich plasma for tendons uses a formula that contains about 5 times platelet concentration and 4-5 times the white blood cell concentration of whole blood.

Dr Mark McDonald PT,DPT,OCS said...

Just interested to know if the growth factors are released with unconcentrated whole blood such as in tendon dry needling and how effective this may be. I have had success with this in the clinic, but see that the centrifuge is activating the platelets' release of the factors and now wonder why dry needling works so well if the blood needs to be centrifuged/activating the platelets.Has a comparative study been done to dry needling?

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