Sunday, March 02, 2008

Platelet Rich Plasma Wins!

In our informal survey of best names, "Platelet Rich Plasma" won with 61% of the vote with "PRP" taking 22%, "Platelet Gel" 8% and "Platelet Enriched Plasma and Growth Factors" 4% each. With a total of 83% of the votes, Platelet Rich Plasma/PRP wins in a landslide.

I propose we end the argument of what to name it and begin to define it in studies moving forward. The landscape of PRP is scattered at best. In order to figure out how best to use this important tool, we must agree on what we are talking about. Please see the post below for a definition that is published in the literature.

I am repeating the survey of what machine producing the best PRP. I'll post the results in a month.

Total Tendon



Susan said...

Will PRP work on knees? Has it been tried on knees and what was the success rate?

Luciana Chichierchio said...

Hello!!!I´m a dermatologist from Brasil and we are very exited with PRP. We have been using it as facial fillers with exelent results.We could exchange information about it.

Blood Plasma For Money said...

I have a question: if this proposed treatment is beneficial and can be applied to a variety of conditions, what effect will it have on the price blood plasma?


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