Wednesday, January 16, 2008

American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery Article

Dr. Mishra's recent trip to Europe was featured in the American Academy of Orthopedic Surgery's Magazine: AAOS Now. The article titled "AAOS fellow takes European PRP Tour" was feature in the Jan. 2008 issue. The picture above is Dr. Mishra assisting on a platelet rich plasma enchanced achilles tendon repair in Sweden.

Click here to view AAOS Platelet Rich Plasma view article

Another sports medicine meeting in Chamonix France focusing on PRP will take place at the end of Jan 2008. Details of both meetings will be posted here soon.

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kevin said...

I've been seeking PRP treatment for tennis elbow for some time now. Where might I find someone in the Boston (MA) area who practices this method of treatment?


randall alexander said...

where can I get a copy of this, Dr Mishra:

Pietro Randelli, MD, showed an excellent video of his technique using PRP to augment arthroscopic rotator cuff repairs.

my email address is:

Total Tendon said...

There are presently no providers in Boston that have specific training in using PRP for tennis elbow. Please send an email to: to learn more.

Anonymous said...

I live in Tasmania Australia and i want to have PRP treatment on my elbow. I can't find anyone in Australia that can do it so is it possible to get details of the actual procedure to show my surgeon?.

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