Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Platelet Rich Plasma CBS News

Platelet rich plasma and Dr. Allan Mishra's techniques were featured tonight on the CBS evening news. Here is a link to one of the stories:

CBS Evening News Story

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Martin said...

Hello, I'm a Podiatrist in the UK and am interested in developing the use in my practice of autologous blood componants as cytokine stimulants in the treatment of sprained ankle ligaments and plantar and retrocalcaneal enthesopathies. I also currently use prolotherapy techniques in these areas, which as you know, utilise a mixture of hyperosmolar glucose (around 20% W/V) and local anaesthetic (usually lignocaine or mepivicaine) which is claimed to express cytokines due to 'osmotic shock' of the fibroblasts. Prolotherapy results are encouraging but of course nothing is a universal solution and I sometimes have to fall back, somewhat reluctantly, on the use of injected steroids

I have already experimented with taking one or two CC's of blood from a brachial vein and infiltrating this under local anaesthesia into the plantar calcaneal entheses in cases of plantar fasciitis, with fair results. In order to utilise platelet rich plasma does one just centrifuge a blood sample or is it necessary to use some 'special' device? I would welcome any advice you could provide.

Kind Regards,

Martin Harvey D.P.M. BSc(Hons)

Anonymous said...

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